Saint of the day 5th October 2022, we celebrate Saint Faustina Kowalska

Saint of the day 5th October 2022, we celebrate Saint Faustina Kowalska

Saint of the Day

Feast Day: October 5

St.Faustina Kowalska

Helena Kowalska was born as the third of ten children on the 25th of August 1905 ina small Polish village called Glogowiec.
They were poor, but happy, because they were with God. At home, prayer was connected with work in harmonious way.

When she was seventeen years old, she recognized her destiny: she wanted to sacrifice her life for service for God in a convent. As a young girl, she preferred to spend all her free time at the Blessed Sacrament instead of with her friends. Being on service, she reserved for herself a possibility to attend in Holy Mass every day and to visit the persons who were sick or dying.

On 1st August 1925, Helena Kowalska entered the Congregation of Our Blessed Lady of Mercy in Warsaw.The God picked out her as a secretary and apostle of the Divine Mercy.

On the 22nd February 193I, she wrote;
“I saw Jesus dressed in a white robe. A hand was raised up to blessing, and the second hand touched His robe at the level of His heart. From His robe, which was slightly opened, two beautiful rays of light were visible, one was red and the other pale.
Our Saviour said to me: “Make a statue of Me, exactly as you see Me now, and under this statue you should place the words: ‘Jesus, I trust You!’ I want this statue to be worshipped, firstly in your chapel and then throughout the world.”

When the painting was painted, Sister Faustina cried, because Jesus on this picture was not so beautiful as she had seen Him. But Jesus answered that not in the beauty of paint is power of this picture, but in His grace.

St. Faustina, exhausted by illness (she was sick on tuberculosis), by sufferings which were connected to a prophetic mission of Mercy and the sacrifices done for the sinners, died in the convent , on 5th October 1938, being only 33 years old.

Canonized in April 30, 2000 by Pope John Paul II ;her canonization miracle involved the cure of Father Ronald P. Pytel’s heart disease.