Welcome to Ugandan Catholics Online Website, Fr Fred

Rev. Fr. Dr. Fred Jenga, C.S.C

Dear Friends, I greet you all in the Name of Our Lord Jesus! Thank you for visiting the website of Ugandan Catholics Online (UCO). My name is Fr Fred Jenga. I am a priest of the Congregation of Holy Cross. Born in Uganda, I have worked in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and the USA.

Besides my training in Philosophy and Theology as a priest, I have two master’s degrees in Journalism and communication from Makerere University and San Francisco State University in California. I recently earned a doctorate in Communication from the University of Texas at Austin.

Pope Paul VI long noted that the Church “would feel guilty before the Lord” if she ignored using the modern means of communication in her work (Evangelii Nuntiandi, 45). St Pope John Paul II compared new media to the ancient Greek “areopagus” (Redemptoris Missio, 37) which served as a meeting place where important discussions and speeches affecting life happened. The establishment of Ugandan Catholics Online needs to be understood in the Church’s contemporary call to use the modern means of communication in the growing “New Evangelization.”

The modern media especially the internet, is a gift from God, and an important meeting digital space. The internet urgently needs to be put to good use in advancing the work of God, improving human life, mending human relationships, and creating fellowship. The Ugandan Catholics Online is a digital space part of whose mission will be to help people from the different corners of Uganda and beyond to connect, pray, learn, be challenged, and be inspired.

The website and the social media platforms of Ugandan Catholics Online will bring you the beauty of the Catholic faith through liturgy, prayer, song, interviews, and news stories. The UCO digital efforts will also highlight the exceptional work the Catholic Church is doing in the areas of healthcare, education, social work, and the integral development of God’s people.

Please welcome to the website, and please follow us on the different social media platforms of Ugandan Catholics Online.

God bless you and your families!

Rev. Fr. Dr. Fred CSC