Daily Reflection Friday 16th July 2021

Daily Reflection Friday 16th July 2021


Mt 12:1-8″.. the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath.” Jesus is Lord obviously because he is God. Doesn’t it make

sense that the author of the Sabbath is Lord of it too? Yet, Jesus is Lord not only of the Sabbath but he is Lord of every day. His very nature and work declare that he is Lord over all. He is the highest authority before whom we all must bow. This begs the question: Is the Lord of the Sabbath, the Lord of your heart? When Jesus is Lord of our lives, the Spirit of Sabbath becomes that of celebration of God’s goodness and mercy to others. Jesus is Lord!

Lord Jesus I bring all the aspects of my life under your Lordship. Let you favor reign in my life. May your benediction rest upon me today and forever. Amen.

Rev Fr Alexander Mwebembezi