Daily Reflection Wednesday 20th October 2021

Daily Reflection Wednesday 20th October 2021


20th October 2021
Luke 12:39-48

Memorial of Blessed Daudi Okelo and Jildo Irwa, Martyrs

While we wait for the Lord to come

glorious return, or in our personal meeting with him, the best preparation is the living of every moment by simply doing what is expected of us. Faithfulness in the small things such as care for our family, justice in our relationships and our work, prayerful relating with God – these things well done are the best preparation for our + future meeting with Jesus our Lord. So, what are you doing, while you wait?

Lord Jesus, make me diligent in the exercise of my responsibilities. Help me use the gifts you gave me, time and resources for your glory. Let me actas your true representative on earth, so that I can be duly rewarded in heaven. Amen.