Daily Reflection Wednesday 6th October 2021

Daily Reflection Wednesday 6th October 2021


Luke 11:1-4

6th October 2021

A little girl came to her mother and said, “I suppose, up in heaven, they think I am dead.”The mother replied, “Why Mary, why do you suppose they think you are dead?” “Well,” said the little girl, “because, I have not said my prayers for a week.”

Wake up from the graveyard of prayerlessness. Don’t let prayer get lost in the shuffle of life’s busy-ness; honour God by giving prayer its proper priority. To do this you must pray daily. If Jesus needed prayer, we certainly do as well!

Lord Jesus, Ignite my prayer life with Your Spirit. Give me the grace to pray daily. I avail myself fully to You that You may thoroughly teach and train me in the art of Heavenly Prayer. Amen.