Renewal and Celebration: Christ the King Church Official Opening and Rededication

Renewal and Celebration: Christ the King Church Official Opening and Rededication

Kampala, November 18, 2023 – In a momentous event last weekend, the magnificent 1700-seater Christ the King Church in Kampala was officially opened, blessed, and rededicated after seven years of renovation and expansion. The ceremony commenced with a series of dedication rites, including the blessing of the parish offices, statues, doors, altar, and tabernacle. His Grace Paul Ssemogerere, the Archbishop of Kampala Archdiocese, led the proceedings along with Vicar General Charles Kasibante, the parish priest Msgr. Gerald Kalumba, and other priests from the Archdiocese and neighboring parishes.

The day’s celebration began with a Mass, starting at 10 am and concluding around 3 pm. During his sermon, Archbishop Ssemogerere congratulated the parishioners and guests for their remarkable effort in bringing about the beautiful restoration of Christ the King Church. He expressed gratitude to Msgr. Gerald Kalumba and the collaborating priests for their tireless dedication since the project’s inception. The Archbishop also acknowledged the talented architects who designed the magnificent structure, which reflects the power and glory of Christ. He thanked the parishioners for their faithful support not only for their own church but also for other ongoing projects within the Archdiocese and beyond, emphasizing the rewards that come from serving and supporting the work of the Church.

Archbishop Ssemogerere expressed his heartfelt appreciation to everyone involved in the construction, including the dedicated servants who have served at Christ the King Parish, both past and present. He extended gratitude to the Christ the King Choirs Association, laypeople, priests, religious, and all those who contributed in various ways. The Archbishop also recognized the executive teams, technicians, and engineering contractors for their trustworthiness and Godly transparency, which led to the successful completion of the project for the greater glory of God at Christ the King Parish.

Archbishop Ssemogerere called upon all Christians, particularly the parishioners, to renew their spiritual lives as Catholics. He emphasized that the inauguration of the newly renovated church should be accompanied by a renewal in Christian conduct and way of life.

“As we witness the rededication of this beautiful church after its renovation, let us all consider our spiritual lives as Christians and seek renewal in Christ the King, our Lord and Patron,” he emphasized.

During the speeches, Msgr. Gerald Kalumba, the host and parish priest, expressed his joy and gratitude to Archbishop Ssemogerere for leading the rededication and grand opening of the church. He extended his thanks to the architects, workers, and all the parishioners for their unwavering support throughout the construction process. Msgr. Kalumba congratulated everyone on reaching this memorable day of the church’s official opening. He also commended the Christ the King Choirs Association for their tireless efforts in animating the Mass in a wonderful style.

To conclude the day’s festivities, all Christians were invited to join in a general lunch session prepared by the parish at Kingdom Kampala Hotel, where they could further rejoice and celebrate this joyous occasion.