Soroti, Mbarara and Gulu Archdiocese Join the National Charity Week of the Elderly and Grandparents

Soroti, Mbarara and Gulu Archdiocese Join the National Charity Week of the Elderly and Grandparents

The National Youth Office of Uganda Episcopal Conference (UEC) continues to promote and implement the campaign of Pope Francis “The Eldery are our Grandparents”, They are again blessed with another important global event in the pastoral care for the Elderly; “The World Day of the Grandparents and the Elderly”

Guided by the theme “Iam with you always” (Mt 28:20), the young people of Uganda joined the rest of the World in commemorating this great day in the lives of their grandparents and the elderly who are the ‘Our roots’ by organizing a National Charity Week from 19th and ends today 24th July 2021.

As the Elderly day get to the nearest corner, the youths in various Dioceses continue to do acts of charity and Love by doing various works of Mercy. In Soroti Catholic Diocese, led by the Diocesan youth Chaplain Rev Fr Gonzaga Waziwazi Ongereny went for an out reach to the elderly in the diocese by providing them with the basic necessities, counselling and praying for them.

The Youths Doing Charity in Soroti Catholic Diocese

Archdiocese of Mbarara also were in communities to reach out to the elders as they prepare to celebrate the World elderly day. These were under the guidance of Rev Fr Agaba Sansio the Archdiocesen Youth Chaplain.

A Youth Helping an Elderly in Mbarara Archdiocese

Meanwhile, the Gulu Archdiocese elders and grandparents weren’t left out to despair but also the youths joined the campaign across the country to reach out to the elderly in communities. They performed numerous activities with the leadership of Ms Suzan Aryemo the National Female Youth Leader and the Diocesan Youth Secretary of Gulu Archdiocese. The elderly received prayers, material items as well as spiritual nourishment in this National Charity Week campaign to spread the unending evanglization work.

The World Elderly day will be celebrated on 25th July across the country and Mass will be Live on Facebook Page of Ugandan Catholics Online.