St Charles Lwanga Choir treats it’s guests to a fun packed kind of Worship

St Charles Lwanga Choir treats it’s guests to a fun packed kind of Worship


St. Charles Lwanga has through its sharpened voices treated its congregation to a fun-packed worship at Lubaga Cathedral Parish Offices this evening with a theme: KRISTU MWAMUJULIRA”, translated as “YOU WITNESSED THE LORD”. 

It all started at about 3:10pm when the choristers appeared, beautifully adorned in blue apparel for ladies and then white, grey and red for gents. You could tell that probably God had remolded them. Their voices sounded soft like the night breeze, yet when projected, so majestic.

Gracing the occasion were; The Lubaga Cathedral Administrator-Rev. Fr. Achilles Mayanja, Rev. Fr. Anthony Musaala, the Rev.Fr. Steven Mayanja, the Saabakristu of the Parish Mr. Kalanzi, Denary Ssabakritu-Madam Mary Ssebadawo, St.Genesius youth choir the guest and Youth Choir at the Cathedral were also present to grace the occasion.

The occasion swiftly turned into a fundraising drive with Rev. Fr. Musaala taking the lead followed by Rev.Fr. Mayanja who pledged on behalf of the Cathedral, Saabakristu, the congregation that brought in their individual donations, and later came the Rev.Fr. Steven Mayanja who winded up the exercise with much vigor.

The Sacred Heart Chairperson and Member-St. Charles Ms Lucy Nantamu, appreciated fellow choristers for their unwavering dedication to this cause. She hailed other choirs and all those that have had a hand in the success of this concert. She emphasized unity among the choirs. “My biggest desire is unity among the choirs around”.

In his turn, the parish Ssabakristu appreciated the congregation for the turn up and requested people to join it. The Denary Ssabakristu-Mary Teenya Ssebadawo welcomed Christians to support the choirs by inviting them to animate their functions. This would help them meet their financial needs. 

This function came at a time when Christians allover are preparing the Commemoration of the holy Martyrs of Uganda come 3rd June 2022 and St. Charles Lwanga Choir, having chosen Charles Lwanga as their patron saint makes it a point to organize a Marian/Martyrs’ concert in spirit of the Martyrs and Mother Mary. 

St. Charles, the animators of 5:00pm mass at the Sacred Heart Cathedral, was started in the year 1990 by currently Monsignor Wynan Katende and current Kampala Archdiocesan Ssabakristu-Mr. Ivan Kalanzi with an intension to keep the youth occupied during evening hours.