Daily Reflection Sunday 1st August 2021


Every kind of seeking is presumably guided by an objective, an end in mind. Yet, even if several people were seeking the same Object, they could be doing so with totally different objectives, purposes and motives. The purity of these motives may be suspect on several fronts (do Caesars truly seek the good of Rome?). However, in a general way, if the Object being sought is truly good, it seems that even impure motives may ultimately lead to objectively desirable outcomes.

The seeking itself moulds and transforms the seeker if they stay on that path. The process of asking questions sets one on a progressive journey from wonder, to resistance, confrontation, asking for action, and asking in surrender- surrender to the Perfect Answer. People will ask different questions at different levels of their encounter with the Answer (and we spend so much time judging those who ask different questions from ours!). Progressively, they’ll deepen the quality of their questions, and hopefully, their responses (in action) to the answers they receive. If we’re not willing to take appropriate action in response to the answers we receive, won’t our seeking have been in vain?

Part of this action involves an actual shift from one position to another. This may be necessary in the beginning as a setting for the asking (across the sea). This shift may not necessarily be physical- it could be in any area we seem to be “grounded”: intellectual and historical positions, religious and political beliefs, entrenched cultural and social dogmas, etc. Otherwise, the tendency to take our current positions as the objectively correct ones may hinder us from asking correctly- limiting us to asking for appearances of bread instead of Bread.

Would we seek God for who He is, and not what He has to offer?

May Jesus Christ, the Bread of life, feed us all unto eternity. May we, through our life example, bring this reality to fellow humanity.

By Seminarian JULIUS CAESAR KAMUKAMA from St Mary’s National Seminary Ggaba